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Pet Care

Pet Care and Grooming Aids


Pet Odor & Stain Eliminator

Non-toxic, non-irritating odor eliminator spray that gets rid of organic smells & stains from:  urine, vomit, feces, cat spray, skunk, etc.   Natural and gentle enough to spray directly on animal skin, hair or fur to quickly eliminate odors.  Freely spray on water-safe cages, bedding, litter boxes, etc to biodegrades pet mess odors that attract insects leaving living spaces fresher and healthier.  Perfect aid for puppy training & discourages repeat marking.  No need to rinse.  Ready to use.  Unscented.

Pet Rinseless Shampoo/Grooming Aid

Protein enriched foaming shampoo that cleans and deodorizes pet coat without need to rinse.  Excellent interim shampoo treatment between baths.  Deep cleans hair follicles by lifting dirt away without stripping away natural oils. Helpful to restore natural shine and body.  Non-sensitizing.   Ready to use.  Unscented or scented.

Pet Eye Cleaner

Removes tear and other organic stains and cleans skin folds from the coat around the outside of pet’s eyes.  Non-toxic.  Ready to use.  Unscented.


Pet Ear Cleaner

Softens and dissolves ear wax and debris from pet’s ears.  Contains no alcohol.  Non-toxic.  Ready to use.  Unscented.