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NaturCare Odor Eliminator is a non-toxic, natural enzyme spray that quickly eliminates odors in the air, on skin and on water-safe fabrics and surfaces.    NaturCare works well ridding organic smells from food, illness, body odor, incontinence, tobacco, etc. wherever they occur. 

It is non-irritating and can safely be sprayed on and around people and pets.   NaturCare  eliminates the odors without leaving a lingering, heavy chemical smell.  It also helps to keep stains from setting until laundered.  

Home caregivers and nurses especially have had excellent deodorizing results during patient care eliminating incontinence, illness and immobility odor issues that need a quick resolve.  NaturCare is safe to use on odorous intact skin, bandages, casts, clothing,  bedding, illness related equipment (i.e.  ostomy bags) and in the air.  

NC Super Odor Eliminator is a mega odor defense spray. It safely and powerfully knocks out tougher garbage and waste odors commonly found in garbage cans, kitchen drains, diaper pails, bathrooms rings & surfaces and in the air.  NC Super Odor Eliminator is non-caustic and no rinsing is needed.  It is available unscented or with light essential oil scents. 



The natural enzymes in NaturCare come from a vegetable ferment.  When NaturCare is misted these natural enzymes attach to the odor and expedite the conversion of the odor to a simpler form, destroy and thus eliminate it.  Essential Oil tracer scents are sometimes added so that you know it’s working & to take away the “gag” smell of the offensive odor.  Once NaturCare is misted and has air contact, however, the tracer scent is also broken down and thus there is no lingering smell.  NaturCare is not a chemical masking agent.  If odors persist – you may need to saturate the area or the source of the odor hasn’t been identified yet.   

Here’s how NaturCare products work: 

Odor Control